The Friends of Gandy Dancer have BINGO cards for all ages. With card in hand, search and do the items listed on the card. As with traditional BINGO, when you cross off 5 in a row you win! Turn in your card to a participating location and win a prize.

Details & downloads below.

Grades: K-1 Bingo Card | 2-3 Bingo Card | 4-5 Bingo Card | Adult Bingo Card

Grades K-5: Play Bingo, get 5 in a row and claim your prize by Sept. 30, 2021
Adults: Get 5 in a row or complete the whole card by Sept. 30, 2021

Adult Bingo: completing the whole card earns you a chance to win $250! You have all summer to complete your card. Redeem your card and get a coupon for a free ice cream cone at one of the participating businesses. Your card will be entered into our $250 giveaway!

Gandy BINGO was made possible by the generous donations
the Friends of Gandy Dancer received during giveBIG St. Croix Valley.